Favorite Leave-In Conditioning Spray

Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative


My Review: This stuff is super-lightweight, yet tames away frizz and doesn’t feel greasy nor look oily when applied.  It smells heavenly, like fresh roses.  Continue reading “Favorite Leave-In Conditioning Spray”


Favorite Lip Balm ATM: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy

 I’ve tried high-end lip balms, pharmaceutical lip balms as well and out of all of them, I really like this lip moisturizer. It’s not my HG product but so far it is the best one I’ve tried. It has a slanted tip applicator and it smells like peppermint. It’s not greasy and it is quite long lastingIf you sleep in with this product on your lips, you will wake up with soft, luscious lips

Continue reading “Favorite Lip Balm ATM: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy”

Boscia Enlivening Amino-AG Eye Treatment

Review: Overall- the gel feels a bit greasy going on, thus it is a bit problematic during the day, but overnight it’s okay for an eye cream. I find that it’s really thick and you really have to pat it on to get your skin to absorb it. It makes my undereye area feel moist which is great and I do notice that it makes my concealer look a bit better under the eye area. Personally, It does not feel like it has many anti-aging benefits which is what I was initially looking for in an eye cream. My under eye area is very dry and sometimes I get dark circles. I feel that I need something more “heavy duty” for my under eye area.

I honestly think I’ve tried better eye creams than this. Another thing that I dislike about this cream is the packaging – Although it comes in a pump and it’s very hygienic, you don’t really know how much you have left in there. Continue reading “Boscia Enlivening Amino-AG Eye Treatment”

Magical Potion! – Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Lotion—II


Asia is well-known to be far ahead in their skin care products. I read that Japan is one of the many few countries out there who are really cautious about what they put in their beauty products. Their native consumers are quite aware of which ingredients are beneficial and which are not which makes it difficult for brands who put a lot of synthetics in their products to sell.  Doing all this research led me to a brand called: Koh Gen Do (Gen pronounced like ghen, not jen). The first product I decided to purchase was their Oriental Plants lotion for dry skin.

small emoji photo:  tumblr_lzgqh8QhDV1r10jj7.gif

First Impressions: I have been using this magical lotion over a week and I find it different compared to the creams that I generally use. Different in the sense, that this lotion has a consistency slightly thicker than water. It absorbs into my skin quickly as well. This product makes my skin appear healthy and makes it slightly dewy. The moisture locks in all day, sometimes I even wear this under my primer. I just love it! It is quite expensive, but if it lasts me at-least 3 months I see myself buying another.  Continue reading “Magical Potion! – Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Lotion—II”

Josie Maran Pure Argan Oil is a Rip-off


This oil is a top seller at Sephora. Regrettably, I have bought it a couple of times from there in the past not knowing what I know now.

It has so many benefits and it is so versitile, it’s hard to resist.  You can use it anywhere. On your face, on your hair and on your nails. Today, we will explore it’s benefits and the “an arm and a leg” price.

Some benefits of Argan Oil include:

  • The Vitamin A, E, anti-oxidents, and Omega-6 fatty acids
  • It absorbs easily to the skin and does not leave a residue
  • Treating skin infections, bug bites and rashes
  • Reducing sebum levels for acne sufferers
  • Preventing stretch marks by improving elasticity of the skin
  • Soothing razor bumps and burns

If you’re still reading this, you might be one of those intelligent consumers who are curious about argan oil benefits, but unsure if it is worth the investment. What Argan oil does for your skin is great. However Josie Maran’s Argan Oil is such a rip off! I was furious when I found out how over priced her products are compared to other leading brands out there that sell the exact same stuff. All Josie Maran’s oil is – is just a name slapped onto good ol’ Argan Oil. Continue reading “Josie Maran Pure Argan Oil is a Rip-off”

Origins A Perfect World. Age-Defense Treatment Lotion


Background: I used to be apprehensive about the second step of the traditional skin care regimen.  Due to the fact, I have used awful toners before sold by amazing sales associates on commission. For example the  Clinique’s second step toner was such a big disappointment – it made me breakout bad.  I was told it’s alcohol free and it still irritated my skin.

Then I’d go back on the hunt for a toner just to be disappointed again. I could even remember a time about me complaining to the Sales Representative from Dior about the Cliniques toner (I didn’t have a blog at the time and I just needed someone to vent to), He responded telling me that Clinique sucks (of course he’s going to say that) and that their toner could be used as nail polish remover because of the acetone in it. (I had to google it to see if that were true and to my dismay he was right!). That being said, they have reformulated their toner and have removed the acetone.

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Foreo Review


This is a review for the Foreo Luna 2 for Sensitive skin (the lavender coloured one). The Foreo is a silicone made cleansing device that was created to give you a deep cleanse with up to “8000
transdermal sonic pulsations per minute”. Wow!!!!  In other words, You’re supposed to get a really deep clean out of it and on the other side you can benefit from an anti-aging settings. Continue reading “Foreo Review”